About Me

Anissa Hanley is a Jane of all trades and a master of all! She is currently a digital designer at Glamcor, LLC where she creates and edits content for social media, illustrate and animate videos highlighting products, and edits the company websites that sell their products. Her background is in digital design which includes photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics. Art is her passion! She approaches challenging projects with a positive attitude and an open mind to all graphic solutions. Being obsessed with details and up-to-date with industry standards, her work has been seen in commercial applications. Whether independent or a member of a group, her performance is quality and deadline-driven. With more than six years of experience in all facets of digital design and video editing, Anissa’s success stems from the solid work ethic and hunger to create. She is a huge advocate for self-care ad how important it is to function in our everyday lives. Her hobbies include gaming, listening to music, practicing lucid dreaming, and creating art based upon her many interests! Feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more or want to collaborate!

Glamcor Global, LLC
Visual Director/Senior Editor  | 2018 – Present
City | New York, NY

Leveraged media and graphic design expertise to develop engaging marketing and promotional materials, including flyers and advertisements to generate new sales revenues and grow customer and clientele base.

Formatted designs and media for print and web applications to deliver production-ready graphics.

Gathered, organized, and maintained content created via Canto.

Used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create images and layouts.

Edited photos to make them ready for social media.

Created 2D/Cartoon animations to portray products through a playful lens .

Edited videos showcasing product highlights to be displayed on multiple social media platforms.

Created prototypes and mockups of products using Adobe Photoshop.

Created 3D models, renders, and animations to showcase product features and specifications.

Created 3D renders of products saving company time and money on sourcing product pictures for website, packaging and social media.

Reviewed email blasts, making sure they were grammatically correct and ready for dispersion

My Skills

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe After Effects


Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Dimension


Keyshot 11




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